Life Coaching for Moms of RAD Kids

Serenity Links Coaching offers professional life coaching services to mothers of children who struggle with intense emotional and behavioral problems associated with early childhood trauma, prenatal drug and alcohol exposure, or other mental illness.

These children often look perfectly normal on the surface but have hidden disabilities that prevent them from sustaining appropriate relationships, controlling their behavior, and regulating their emotions.

Some of the conditions a child might struggle with include:

Collectively, these conditions are referred to as developmental trauma. Though proposals have been made, “Developmental Trauma Disorder” is not yet an officially recognized or treatable condition. We hope that changes soon! Our kids need it!

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Private 1:1 life coaching to help you untangle the mess, change your situation, climb out of chaos, and create a life of peace and joy…even if your kids are still struggling.
Affordable monthly mentoring, support, training, connection, and guidance to help moms of hard kids reverse parent burnout, restore hope, and reclaim peace in their home and family.
Self-paced courses for parents of foster or adopted children affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder, Complex PTSD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or developmental trauma.
Check out my collection of FREE resources and tools for parents of children with attachment problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, oppositional defiance, or early childhood trauma exposure.

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“I’ve been overwhelmed and exhausted. I’ve been at the end of my rope. I’ve lost hope and all will to do anything, but then ended up trudging forward again. I’ve been there but I’m past that place now. So if I can offer anything, let it be hope that it can get better. The best thing I did for myself was work with Diana who understood it all. She helped me “find my flag” and rise above the rubble. I think part of why my kids changed is that I changed. Does that mean I don’t have bad days? No, but it’s easier to find a path through it all.”

– Wendi Z.

“Before coaching, I was extremely depressed and low. I can now do my work with a clear mind and be reasonably happy. Coaching helped me recognize my worth and why my children and partner react the way they do…and that it has nothing to do with me. I have peace again. I have hope again! It’s worth every penny!”

– Treva C.

“I learned a lot of valuable things and the positive energy you added to my life was awesome. It’s pretty helpful to know what “values” mean and what is important to me to live by and teach my children too. Thank you! I’m so proud of these little tiny kids who have so much courage…Nothing is taken for granted. I love being their mommy and am a little proud of myself for how I have taken parenting to a whole new level. They deserve it.”

– Carissa M.

Get the right help for the right person first!

There is no question that kids who have experienced significant early childhood trauma have unique special needs and need help. In fact, they probably need a lot of it. Many are adopted or foster children who had a rough start in life.

Reactive Attachment Disorder is serious stuff. FASD causes permanent brain damage that alters the way our children process information, regulate their emotions, and control impulses and behavior. Complex PTSD leaves them in a constant state of fight or flight and living in a world where nothing is safe…ever!

These kids are a lot! They’re a lot to live with and a lot to handle. It also makes logical sense for a good parent to seek help first for the struggling child who is causing all the problems.

However, very little of what actually works for our kids is logical.

If you want lasting peace, happiness and healing for everyone, get the right help for the right person first! That right person isn’t your child. It’s Mom! 

What our struggling kids need most…

What our struggling children (and families) need most isn’t another treatment program or parenting strategy. Nor is it the latest, greatest therapeutic techniques, more stuff, more freedom, or more discipline.

All those things are good, but what our kids need most is a strong, healthy, well-trained mom who understands how they operate and think.  They need a mom who doesn’t fall prey to their tricks and knows how to set and enforce appropriate boundaries that ensure physical and emotional safety for everyone. They also need a mom who has good relationship skills, takes care of herself first, and is able to recognize and meet her child’s needs, including the ones that are only communicated through negative behavior.

Parent coaching can help you make all of that happen!

parent coaching for moms of special needs children who suffer from reactive attachment disorder, fasd, complex ptsd, or developmental trauma
parents kissing a laughing child's cheeks | Life coaching for moms of special needs kids who struggle with behavior problems
Mom and adopted teen daugheter loving each other and smiling | Serenity Links Coaching: Professional life coaching services for moms of adopted and foster children

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Why should I choose life coaching?

Life coaching is a forward-looking, solution-focused process of transformation and empowerment. It isn’t a treatment program and there is no assumption that anything is wrong with you. Rather, life coaching is a partnership of support, direction, and action. My job as a coach is to guide you through the process of discovering your own right answers and then support you as you take action and implement them in your family and life. I educate and train when needed, but I also firmly believe that you know your kids better than anyone and YOU are the best expert on your own life and family…even if you don’t know it yet.

The alternative to coaching is therapy. By definition, therapy is a treatment program for diagnosable disorders. That treatment is considered a medical intervention and is administered according to standardized evidence-based treatment methods and protocols. It can also only be administered by a state-licensed mental health professional.

Unfortunately, most doctors, therapists, social workers, and schools have little to no training in complex trauma or the conditions related to it. Nor do they know how to recognize or treat the problems for what they are. It isn’t really their fault they don’t know, either. This stuff simply isn’t taught at a collegiate level and many don’t even know how much they don’t know…unless, of course, they have intentionally sought additional training in complex trauma.

I’ve walked this road…

As a parent of severely traumatized children myself, I’ve been in some very dark, scary, and mega-stressful places with my kids and family. I live this life myself and I understand the complexities and realities that come with it. I also know what it takes for children, parents, and families in situations like ours to leave the trenches of chaos and heal. 

The steps I guide you through in the parent coaching process are the exact steps I used to climb out of my own dark abyss. They are the same steps I’ve used for more than a decade to help other parents find their way out and restore peace and light in their lives. 

I love helping moms of extremely challenging kids climb out of chaos, restore peace and hope, and gain the tools and skills needed to do their job! Life coaching isn’t always easy and it does require commitment, hard work, and investment. But it also WORKS!

emotionally healthy mom laughing with annoyed teen son | parent coaching helps moms learn therapeutic parenting, healthy relationship skills, and peaceful connection.
Help a family heal from the effects of early childhood trauma, reactive attachment disorder, and complex ptsd
Mom loving teen daughter | Serenity LInks Coaching offers professional life coaching for moms of kids affected by early childhood trauma and its related conditions
A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones!

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