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Serenity Links Coaching specializes in strengthening and supporting parents of children who suffer from intense emotional and behavior issues associated with Developmental Trauma (including RAD, FASD, PTSD, ADHD, Mood Disorders, and other forms of mental illness) through the process of restoring hope, sanity, and peace to their lives as they gain needed tools, skills, and information that empowers them to leave the trenches of chaos for good! 

Are you ready to climb out of the trenches and stay out of them for good?

Are you ready to turn things around and get your family moving in a more positive direction?

Are you ready to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life?

Before coaching, I spent all my time trying to find the “magic bullet” for my kids. Life was crazy I was burnt out. I had lost myself in the process of helping my children find their way out of the hurt. Coaching has not changed my children, it has changed how I react, respond and interact with them. I see now that if I don’t care for myself first, I will have nothing to give or an example to set for my children. 

Don’t be surprised how far life will take you once you are on this journey. Six months ago, we were living in a home we loved but a community that had nothing to offer our family. Since working with Diana we have located a better psychiatric facility, moved to a home closer to those services, found a church home that provides us a huge amount of love and support, and I have started on the journey to become a coach myself. I never would have pictured this life 6 months ago.” 

-Laura S.

“I learned a lot of valuable things and the positive energy you added to my life was awesome. Its pretty helpful to know what “values” mean and what is important to me to live by and teach my children too. Thank you! I’m so proud of these little tiny kids who have so much courage…Nothing is taken for granted. I love being their mommy and am a little proud of myself for how I have taken parenting to a whole new level. They deserve it.”

-Carissa M.

“Diana’s coaching approach is welcoming and comfortable.  She is very open to questions when clarifying various details of understanding.  I highly recommend her for others to learn from.  Diana has lived first hand dealing with trauma; she gets it.  Her past 10 years of seeking and searching for answers saved me hours of hopelessness since my coping skills have often included logic or other reasoning approaches.  It is no wonder many parents slide down the slippery slope of blaming themselves.  I am hopeful others will take advantage of the lifeline Serenity Links Coaching offers.”

-Sara A.

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