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Without any question whatsoever, one of the most frustrating things I have experienced in parenting my kids who had a rough start in life is trying to help others on the outside understand just how complex and comprehensive the affects of early trauma exposure really are. By a very large margin, the schools have been the most difficult and least cooperative group of people to educate over the years.  They aren’t the only ones, though…extended family members, Sunday School teachers, doctors, and many others who frequently interact with my children can also need some educating.

After much trial and error, including some dismal flops, I finally came up with a method of sharing information that has consistently worked very well for many years now. I strongly encourage you to hop on over and read my post about Educating the Educators. I’ve outlined my entire system for creating effective meetings and presentations that encourage people to pay attention, participate, and cooperate.  Part of that system involves creating a highly personalized, illustrated information packet that outlines all of my child’s needs and issues.

Create your own Information Packet!

I have had numerous requests over the years to provide a full template, including formatted text and pictures, for my information packet. I’m so happy I was finally able to make that happen! Here’s a sneak preview of what some of the pages look like:

What types of issues are covered?

The full document is 10 pages long. It is fully editable can be customized to whatever issues your child is struggling with. The sample text in the document covers issues related to the child’s background and diagnoses and the impact that trauma has on mood and behavior. Also addressed are things such as dissociation, attachment, information processing, homework, boundaries, preferential seating, and how to handle critical behavior issues in a school setting. The ones I’ve covered are cheating, lying, stealing, triggers, aggression, bullying, and sexual reactivity. They can easily be adapted to fit your child’s needs.

Template Features

• Easy to edit downloadable Microsoft Word document. Bonus universal PDF file included in case of compatability issues.

• Full presentation text and photos included. Use the ones provided or add your own.

• Details many common issues our tough kids struggle with and how to handle them in a school setting.

• Suitable for sharing information about children who struggle with Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, FASD, ADHD, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and more.

• Easy to edit and customize to fit your child’s needs and situation.

• Multi-sensory approach that encourages receivers to pay attention, engage in discussion, and cooperate

• A great model for demonstrating multi-sensory teaching methods that work for our kids

Available Instantly

My information packet template is waiting and ready to go. That means you can get started right away in putting a presentation together for your child…and can do it in minutes rather than days that it used to take me. At least at my house, that’s worth its weight in gold!!

This template is for personal use only. If you have more than one child you will be creating packets for, you’ll only need one template. If your friend would like to make one for their child, they will need to purchase their own template for their own personal use.

Don’t forget to also request a copy of my FREE Developmental Trauma  “At a Glance” chart to add to your presentation materials!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This template is no longer available as a stand-alone purchase. It is, however, available as a free download for members of the Parent Transformation Academy. 

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