How do I know if I’m ready for parent coaching?

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Take this quiz and find out!

While it’s true that most people can probably benefit from working with a coach at some point in their life, the effectiveness of it will likely depend on whether or not you’re actually ready for the experience.  Take this short quiz and find out if coaching is a good fit for you at this point in your life.


Rate yourself for each answer below using a scale of 1-5.

(5 = Yes, Absolutely!    3 = Maybe.   1 = No, not yet)

____  I hate this life and I want to get out!

____  I am ready to restore peace, hope, harmony, and serenity to my life, my family, and my relationships.

____  I am willing to make the commitment necessary to make the changes I am seeking.

____  I  am willing to ask for help and accept the support I receive.

____  I am willing to do the work necessary to change my situation and turn things around in my life.

____  I am ready to put myself first in my life.

____  I am ready to take ownership of my own healing process and actively take a lead role in my family.

____   I am willing to look at myself first for answers and solutions.

____  I am willing to invest time, money, energy, emotion, and willpower into taking better care of myself.

____  I am willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable both with myself and with my coach.

____  I am willing to listen to feedback from my coach’s viewpoint, learn new skills, and adjust my own thinking.

____  I am willing to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

_____  I am willing to stop tolerating things in my life.

____  I am willing to stay the course, knowing that change does not happen overnight and isn’t always easy.

Add up your score!

If you scored:

50-70 points — You’re ready and well on your way to making significant changes happen in your life.  You’re ready to move forward, leave the trenches of chaos for good, and reclaiming your life. Coaching can help you reach your goals and cross the finish line.

30-49 points — You’re in the zone. Ask your coach to help you discover what might be getting in your way and to support you in removing those blocks so you can move forward, take control of your life,  and begin to create the changes you want to make happen in your life.

14-29 points — You’re most likely not ready to hire a coach at this point in your life.  Take a long, hard look at things and ask yourself if you truly want things to change or if change just sounds like a nice idea.  If you find you truly do want it, what’s the first thing you’d like to work on?

When is coaching not appropriate or effective?

If you have an untreated or unresolved trauma history of your own.

 If you have a diagnosed mental illness related condition (other than depression, anxiety, or PTSD)

 If depression, anxiety, or PTSD are significant enough to regularly disrupt your ability to function.

 If you aren’t willing or able to make the necessary time, resources, or emotional energy available to be “all in”.

 If you are looking for a “magic bullet” that will fix your kids without being willing to make changes in yourself first.

 If you’re doing it because someone else thinks it’s a good idea or wants you to do it.

 If you prefer a passive experience or are not ready to take the process seriously.

 If you’re looking for someone else to tell you what to do or provide all the answers for you.


I’m Diana....wife, mom to 3 awesome (but also very challenging) kids, and a certified professional parent and family coach. I have a passion for helping hurting parents of extremely challenging kids find their way out of darkness and chaos and learn to live again. Many parents I work with have children affected by developmental trauma and struggle with issues such as RAD, PTSD, OCD, ODD, mood disorders, FASD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other forms of mental illness. This journey doesn't have to destroy you. I found my way out and would love to help you do the same.

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