“Before she became fire, she was water. Quenching the thirst of every dying creature. She gave and she gave until she turned from sea to desert. But instead of dying from the heat, the sadness, and the heartache, she took all of her pain and from her own ashes she became fire.”
— Nikita Gill

What is the Burnout Busters Academy?

The Burnout Busters Academy is a membership program for exhausted moms of kids affected by developmental trauma designed to help you reverse parent burnout, restore hope, and regain control of your own physical, emotional, and mental health as you restore peace to your family and home.

 Parent Burnout is a BIG Deal!

Parenting kids affected by things such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, FASD, Complex PTSD, and other issues related to early childhood trauma exposure is no walk in the park!

The things these kids can pull, especially when no one else is looking can beat us moms into the ground and leave us hopeless, exhausted, burned out, and broken.

Parent burnout is a big deal…and it happens to good parents who are doing their best to parent extremely challenging children. Left unchecked, it can shatter families, cause irreparable damage to relationships, and destroy your own physical and emotional health.

Unfortunately, parent burnout also isn’t something any of us can “get over” on our own. Caregiver fatigue is serious stuff that requires a team effort, proper support, correct information, and taking the right action steps at the right time in order to change.

Program Registration

is currently


…but not for long!

  • Weekly live calls (with replays)
  • Guided, paced, and DOABLE action steps
  • Structured support and mentoring
  • Learn healthy coping and relationship skills
  • Connection with other moms
  • Month to month subscription
  • Cancel anytime

Registration is expected to reopen mid-summer to early fall 2020


The Burnout Busters Academy is all about offering structured support, accurate information and guidance as you take the steps to bust that parent burnout and climb back into the light! 

Parent Burnout Symptoms

  • You’re tired all the time and sleep doesn’t help
  • Feeling angry or numb most of the time
  • Unable to keep up with everyday basics
  • Short tempered and intolerant of others
  • Overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities
  • Constant focus is on caregiving
  • No time or energy to take care of yourself
  • Pull back from social activities and events
  • Using social media, sleep, or work to escape
  • Self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • No longer enjoy the things you once did
  • Physical and mental health start to decline
  • Sense of humor changes
  • Feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or your child
  • May not even like your child anymore

How does the Burnout Busters Academy work?


Weekly Group Calls

Each Monday morning we either have a live group call or I’ll post a short video to introduce the topic for that week and offer some specific steps we can take to move forward. Replays are available if you can’t join us live.


Work as a Group

We work as a group and move forward together. By setting topic for the week, everyone stays on the same page and focused on the same things. This keeps our mamas from getting distracted by shiny objects out in the weed patch. If you fall behind, just jump back in and join us where we are.


Connection with Other Moms

We have a members-only group where we talk more about the topic of the week, cheer each other on, keep each other motivated, track our progress, hold each other accountable and work through whatever roadblocks we hit together.


Low Risk Membership

This is a month-to-month program. You can cancel at any time and rejoin again later. However, access to the program will only be offered to new enrollees just a few times per year. 

Program Focus


    Focused on Mom!

    Everything we do in the Burnout Busters Academy is focused on MOM, not the kids. Almost every program out there is focused on kids first…and it’s also why they don’t work!  

    Empowerment & Connection

    Burnout Busters is all about connecting with others who are living this same life, reigniting hope, stepping out of and away from the trauma and drama that come with parenting hurt kids, and empowering MOM to become a leader in her family.


    A large part of what we do will be helping Mom gain the tools, skills, support, and information needed to do the job she’s been tasked with doing, which is parenting some of the most challenging kids on the planet.

    Focus topics will include:

    • Enforcing physical and emotional safety for everyone
    • Safety Planning
    • DOABLE self-care for mom
    • Finding serenity amidst the storms
    • Reconnecting with and rediscovering yourself
    • Understanding the long-term effects of trauma
    • Healthy coping and relationship skills
    • Establishing and maintaining boundaries
    • …and a whole lot more!

    Program FAQ

    When will the price increase?
    Once you join the Burnout Busters Academy, your monthly fee won’t change…ever…at least not as long as your membership is active. 

    The price for newcomers may change in the future, but it won’t affect you. You’ll just get a better and better deal the longer you stay. 

    If, however, you cancel your membership and then decide to come back later, you’ll reenter at whatever the going rate is at the time and will lock in at that new price.

    Am I locked into anything when I sign up?
     Nope!  Burnout Busters is a month-to-month membership program. We hope you’ll love it and want to stay, but if you don’t, that’s fine too.

    You may cancel your membership at any time. If you want to give it a try for just one month and see how it goes, that is totally fine.

    Please note, however, that admission (including readmission) will only be offered a few times per year.

    When does the program start?
    We’ll be kicking things off on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time

    Registration will be open and available for just a few days after we kick things off.

    Once the ship sails and we close the doors, it will be at least late summer or fall before the program opens again.

    How long does the program last?
    Burnout Busters is a month-to-month membership program. Admission will only be offered at certain times during the year.

    You may, however, cancel your membership at any time. If you want to give it a try for just one month and see what it’s all about, that is totally fine. 

    The content in the program will be ongoing and will be based on certain topics I know are necessary for reversing burnout, but they will also be structured around the needs of our members.  Some topics may be long, some may be short, some may even be seasonal. 

    What if I can't attend all the calls?
    No worries. Life happens!

    Replays will be available for a limited time in the members area and in our private group.

    It is, however, more fun if you can attend as many as you can live. That’s where relationships and connection happen.

    What if I can't keep up?
    We’re taking things one topic at a time and tackling it in bite-sized chunks. If you fall behind, it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch up. 

    However, life is unpredictable. If you do fall behind, don’t freak out. Take some time to breathe, and then jump back in with us when we start the next topic.

    We will eventually circle back and hit all the topics again if you missed something the first time. 

    Who is the program for?
    This program is for moms who are currently (or who have been) burned out, exhausted, or overwhelmed by parenting traumatized, substance-exposed, or otherwise mentally ill kids who often have invisible special needs. 

    • Some may still have kids at home and are still actively living and working in the trenches.


    • Others may have kids who have been placed out of the home or are in treatment facilities and are ready to work on their own life while their child works on theirs.


    • Or, we may have moms whose kids have left the nest and are living life on their own, but mama is still dealing with and seeking to overcome the effects of years and years living with toxic burnout and stress.
    My situation isn't really THAT bad!
    I’ve heard this one A LOT!  I even said it myself for a season as well. 

    If things really aren’t that bad and you’ve got tons of support, this truly may not be what you need. 

    For most of us, however, we tend to overestimate how well we’re really doing and how long we can keep up the pace. 

    The sad reality is that if you are a mom of a traumatized kid, there WILL come a time when you will burn out and break…and it will likely happen long before that child gets better.

    The sooner you can get the support and skills you need to do this job, the less severe that burnout will be and the easier it will be to climb out of it when it happens. 

    But I'm really stressed and our situation is beyond awful!
    Yup. I’ve been there, done that, said it, and lived it. There was a time when I didn’t think anything ever could or would work for us. I was certain we were doomed to live in horrible chaos forever.

    I was wrong!

    I’ve also never been so glad to be wrong about anything in my life, too.

    While there are no guarantees your kids will ever be okay, you can be.  Ironically enough, the best shot our kids truly have at healing themselves is if we lead the way and show them how to do it through our example. 

    If I can come out of it, you can too!

    What Burnout Busters is NOT!
    This is not a parenting program or a “how to parent my kid” membership!

    Yes, we’ll talk about kids because they’re part of our story and there are certain things we can and must do in regards to them to change our situations.

    If you’re only looking for specific methods or tools you can use to fix your kids, but aren’t willing to look at yourself for solutions, this probably isn’t the place for you.

    Meet your coach!

    Diana Whiteheart - Parent Coach serving moms of children affected by reactive attachment disorder, complex PTSD, Developmental trauma disorder, FASD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and other issues related to early childhood trauma exposure.Hi! I’m Diana. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 awesome (but challenging) kids, and I'm a certified parent and family coach. Two of my children came to me through adoption and struggle with all sorts of issues including FASD, RAD, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders, learning disabilities, and a whole lot more.  Sometimes they’re my greatest challenge and always my greatest gifts. 

    Though we’re far from perfect and we still have our less than stellar days, we are healing and we are happy. Our family is living proof that it can and does happen!

    I’d love to help you find your way out, too!  I have a passion for helping hurting, exhausted moms and families find their way out of darkness and chaos and enjoy a greater sense of connection, peace, and harmony in their lives and in their homes. Learn more at serenitylinkscoaching.com

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    Burnout Busters Academy | membership, support and mentoring for parents of children suffering from reactive attachment disorder, early childhood trauma, adoption problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, FASD, etc.


    Registration for this program is currently closed but is anticipated to open again sometime between mid-summer to early fall 2020. 

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