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Summer can be a rough time of year for kids who have experienced early childhood trauma and struggle with conditions such as Reactive Attachment Disorder or FASD.

In many cases, there is too much downtime and too many unstructured activities and events that they simply don’t know how to manage. For safety reasons, most parents of traumatized children don’t have the luxury of turning their kids loose in the neighborhood or letting them play unsupervised all day. Some kids may do reasonably well in summer camps, but they’re short and expensive and not a great solution for everyone. 

So what do we do with those little darlings all summer long?

Bring out the Boredom Busters Book!

This little gem is one of our favorite summer sanity savers…especially when the kids are convinced “there’s nothing to do!”

BIdeas to Keep Kids Busy All Summer Long!

This Boredom Busters Book contains nearly 200 ideas to keep kids busy all summer long. All of them were specifically chosen to help kids who struggle with intense emotional and behavioral issues such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, FASD, and Complex PTSD be able to do fun and engaging things without creating a lot of drama for other people.  Most are also simple enough that they can be done without a lot of direct supervision or involvement from Mom.

Geared Toward Special Need ‘Tweens and Teens

Though kids of all ages and stages will enjoy many of the suggested activities, they are geared primarily to offer summer ideas for tweens and teens with special needs. These are often the toughest crowd to please and keep busy. This book is easy for them to flip through on their own and find ideas for all those times when they insist there’s “nothing to do!”

The Boredom Busters Book also offers a simple, clean, and easy to browse layout. The book is divided into sections based on the type and location for the activity. Each activity is represented with a full-color photo and a small amount of corresponding text that either explains or directs the activity.

If your child struggles with choices, the options are easily limited. Simply have them choose an activity from one specific page. If that is still too much, have them choose from a specific row or column from the page of your choice and cover all the others up with your hand or a blank piece of paper.

Low Cost and Screen-Free!

Each suggested activity is screen free (unless it being used for research).  All suggested activities are either free or very low cost. Many of them can also be done indoors or out during any season of the year…because we all know that summer isn’t the only time our special needs kids struggle. Christmas Break, Spring Break, and unplanned school dismissals can also throw our traumatized children for a loop.

Already done for you

While it’s easy enough to make your own version of this book, it takes time, energy, and mental resources to get it done. Why not grab this downloadable, “already done for you” version?  Simply download it, print it, throw it in a binder, and it’s ready to go!As an added bonus, I’ve also included is a special letter from Mom to the kids.  This note letter clearly explains the purpose of the book, outlines mom’s job, and also the responsibilities of the kids. It also has an option for you to clearly indicates when screen time is available, when Mom is available, and when children are expected to participate in family time.

for just


It’s a small price to pay for a whole lot of sanity!

Terms of Use

This product is for your own personal use only. If your friend would like a copy, they will need to purchase their own template for their own personal use. See my full Terms of Use document for further details.

As this is a downloadable product, sales are final. No refunds will be issued for this product.

Diana Whiteheart - Parent Coach serving moms of children affected by reactive attachment disorder, complex PTSD, Developmental trauma disorder, FASD, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and other issues related to early childhood trauma exposure.Hi! I’m Diana. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 awesome (but challenging) kids, and I’m a certified parent and family coach. Two of my children came to me through adoption and struggle with all sorts of issues including FASD, RAD, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders, learning disabilities, and a whole lot more.  Sometimes they’re my greatest challenge and always my greatest gifts. Though we’re far from perfect and we still have our less than stellar days, we are healing and we are happy. Our family is living proof that it can and does happen!

I’d love to help you find your way out, too!  I have a passion for helping hurting, exhausted moms families find their way out of darkness and chaos and enjoy a greater sense of connection, peace, and harmony in their lives and in their homes. Learn more at serenitylinkscoaching.com

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Boredom Busters Book
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