It takes more than wishing and hoping to change your situation.

It requires the right tools, the right information, the right actions, and the right support!

Join the “Kickstart Change” Program!

Live Parent Coaching

Four 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions designed to  support, guide, and help YOU, the mom, gain the tools, information, and help you need to begin the process of change.

Video Training Sessions

Four comprehensive training videos will introduce our session topic,  find your starting point, and help you better understand why the concepts we cover are essential for success.

Customized Action Steps

Knowledge is only information until it’s applied. It becomes transformation with action. Each topic comes with a set of  specific action steps to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Personalized Accountability

Safe, non-judgmental, follow up, encouragement, and support focused on YOU, the mom, to keep you moving forward and help you successfully begin the journey of real change.

Program Cost: $395.00

About the Program

This program is all about “kickstarting” your journey toward lasting change and healing…both for yourself and for your family!  Those things really are possible and they start with you. Our goal is to support, educate, and strengthen moms like you of kids who struggle with intense emotional and behavior problems related to early childhood trauma, prenatal substance exposure, or mental illness.

This 4-week program broadly covers the first four critical elements of successfully parenting hurt kids. These are foundation pieces on which lasting peace is built. They are also the fastest way to start calming the storm, turn things around, and get everyone moving in the right direction once they are understood and implemented correctly. These particular topics are also the lion’s share of what I call the “Urgent Care” part of my system outlined on my parent coaching page.

How it Works

We cover one predetermined topic each week. I will send you a short training video and worksheet assignment to introduce that week’s topic to you. The video offers a high level overview of the topic along with several tips on how to start implementing it right away. The worksheet will help you process what you learned, apply it to your unique situation, and prepare you for our 1:1 session together.   

Once the training lesson is complete, we will meet via video conference for as 60-minute 1:1 session coaching session. The purpose of this session is to support you, encourage you, and help you gain the tools, skills, and understanding needed to apply this information in your unique family and situation in a way that works for you.

What Topics are Covered?

Safety:  This is #1 most important, non-negotiable rule for parenting tough kids. It is also one of the most frequently overlooked and misunderstood pieces in the whole trauma parenting puzzle.

Caregiver Burnout:  As parents of tough kids, we’re not dealing with ordinary stress and burnout. This lesson looks at some of the unique issues we face as caregivers who are doing our jobs under very challenging circumstances. Understanding this process and how we ended up where we are is a kpe part of being able to reverse it.

Trauma and the Brain: A critical part of understanding our kids is knowing how the human brain is supposed to work and what trauma does to it. Especially when young children are exposed to trauma and/or other substances such as drugs or alcohol, particularly within their first 3 years of life, the impact is staggering. The good news is that proper intervention, time, patience, and persistence can help minimize the long-term effects.

Therapeutic Parenting: This topic has become one of those neat “buzz words” among trauma parents. Many have heard of it, studied it, and are doing their best to do it right…only to find themselves sinking faster than their kids are getting better or that it doesn’t really work for them. Let’s find out why and change it! 

“But I already know all about that stuff!”

That might be true!  What is also true, however, is that if you or your struggling child or your family are stuck on the same exhausting hampster wheel of insanity, and you’re giving it your all but not really getting anywhere productive, it’s very likely there are some missing pieces in one or more of these areas.

Therefore, this program is for any mom (regardless of experience) who is struggling to keep her head above water on this parenting journey and is in need of support. Whether you’re new to all of this or you’re an experienced parent who has read all the books, attended all the conferences, and been doing this for a long time, there will be something in it for you.

If you’re serious about making real changes, creating lasting healing and peace for yourself and your family, are ready to try something different, and motivated to look at yourself and find the missing pieces, this program is for you.

If you’re looking for someone to fix your child, a magic bullet that will make everything all better, or are only interested in the latest parenting tips and strategies or finding consequences that work, this probably isn’t the help you’re looking for.

I’m ready to start creating lasting peace and positive change.

“Hmmm…I’m still not sure.”

It’s totally okay if you’re not. I get it. I’ve been on the merry-go-round of trying to find help myself. You know the one…endlessly researching for options, signing up for programs, waiting forever for an appointment with someone who is supposed to be able to help, and paying out the nose for services…only to discover those people I had so much hope in were utterly clueless about what I was really dealing with and were no help at all.

I don’t want that for you.

This isn’t just another “sign up and maybe I’ll get around to doing it someday” DIY course. This is a highly interactive parent transformation program that requires your time, attention, emotional investment, and commitment. As such, I want you to know it’s the right help for you before you get started.

If this program sounds intriguing to you, but you’re still not sure about it, hop on over and apply for a FREE Parent Empowerment Session with me! During that session, we’ll meet face to face for about an hour via video conference, get to know each other a bit, take a look at your unique situation, and see if what I do in this program and beyond might be the right help you’re looking for. If it is, we’ll get you started. If it’s not, I’ll do what I can to point you in a better direction for you.


Meet Your Coach

I’m Diana. I’m a wife, a mom to 3 awesome (but also very challenging) kids, and I’m a certified professional parent and family coach.  I have a passion for helping hurting families (especially mothers of tough kids) find their way out of darkness and chaos and enjoy a greater sense of connection, peace, and harmony in their lives and in their homes.

Two of my children came to me through adoption and struggle with all sorts of issues including FASD. RAD, ADHD, mood disorder, learning disabilities, and more.  Sometimes they’re my greatest challenge and always my greatest gifts. Though we’re far from perfect and we still have our less than stellar days, I’ve found my way out of the toxic stress and despair that can so easily consume families like mine. I’d love to help you do the same!

You can learn more about me and what I do by visiting my website at

“My experience with Diana helped me to gain the tools and resources I needed to feel like I could get back up on my feet. She helps me see that it’s worth it to keep trying. Beyond that, I’ve tried therapy before. While it works for a few things, therapy couldn’t provide me with a self-paced plan of action that targeted my core belief systems. As a writer, I use the Hero’s Journey writing model all the time. It states that a hero must meet with a mentor in order to learn and become the best hero they can be. I see coaching in this perspective. Diana is my mentor in becoming the best version of myself.”

–Kirsten E.

“My outlook on parenting through the future and on life overall has shifted drastically. I have found myself and I am able to know some confidence in our future. Like every parent, there are still plenty of hard days that end with the question of whether I made the right choices, there is still the exhaustion sometimes too. What I’ve dropped from my parenting is the questioning of myself about whether I am capable, whether It is possible for me to guide my children to a satisfying adulthood. I don’t miss those questions.”

-Carissa M.

“Diana’s coaching approach is welcoming and comfortable.  She is very open to questions when clarifying various details of understanding.  I highly recommend her for others to learn from.  Diana has lived first hand dealing with trauma; she gets it.  Her past 10 years of seeking and searching for answers saved me hours of hopelessness since my coping skills have often included logic or other reasoning approaches.  It is no wonder many parents slide down the slippery slope of blaming themselves.  I am hopeful others will take advantage of the lifeline Serenity Links Coaching offers.”

-Sara A.

“I have found myself and like a small sprig of a plant, I nourish myself so that I can continue to grow. I am rediscovering who I am, what my values are, and how to live in this life of craziness and make it work so we all can grow and thrive.

–Laura S.

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