Parent coaching changes lives!

Would you like to…

  Reclaim peace, joy, hope, harmony, and wholeness to your life?

  Gain clarity on why your hurt child does what they do?

  Learn proven tools and skills to help your child heal?

  Understand why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working?

  Significantly reduce toxic stress, anger, burnout, and overwhelm?

  Rediscover who YOU really are?

  Build a “storm-proof” personal and parenting foundation?

  Repair and rebuild important relationships in your life?

  Experience functional, happy family life again?

  Actually like the people you live with again?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

Parent Coaching: a proven system that works!

It’s pretty tough to effectively parent high-needs kids if you are exhausted, burned out, angry, apathetic or lacking the specialized parenting tools and skills needed to meet the needs of your child. As a mom of two traumatized kids myself, I get it! I get how intense this life can be, how infuriating the behaviors can be, and even how scary it is to reach out for help and trust that something…anything…might just work.

As a professionally trained parent and family coach, I mentor, support, and empower exhausted parents of extremely challenging kids who struggle with intense emotional and behavior issues through the process of reclaiming peace and joy in their lives as they leave the trenches of chaos, build their own personal and parenting foundations, and learn to actually like the people they love and live with again. My favorite people to work with are the overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged moms who have “already tried everything”, but aren’t quite ready to give up yet. My job is to support and guide you through the process of discovery, change, and restoring hope and healing for yourself and your family. It really is possible and can be done even if the storms are still raging all around you!

Based on years of experience and walking this walk myself, I developed the Courageous Parent Empowerment System to help you move through the journey. Each step is based on what I’ve learned over the years from research, helping other families, and my own personal experience, about what it really takes for children, parents, and families to heal.  This is what I do. It’s what I specialize in, and it’s what I have a passion for!


Courageous Parent Empowerment System

How the system works

There are four phases to the system. We work them in order and progress through the journey at your pace. Sometimes we can move through the phases fairly quickly. Sometimes we need to spend more time in some areas in order to remove roadblocks or get to the roots of what’s missing for you.

Urgent Phase: This is a parenting emergency room of sorts. We’ll spend a few weeks addressing and correcting some common pitfalls that frequently (and significantly) contribute to chaos and parent burnout. We will also put some quick interventions in place to start calming the storm and turning thing around right away.

Foundation Phase: We moms are the ones on the front line and get the full brunt of all the special stuff our kids can dish out. We’re also responsible for holding everything together and making things happen for the entire family. It is impossible to do this well, or even at all, if we’re stressed out, depleated, overwhelmed and/or exhausted ourselves. Therefore, This phase is all about you, both as a person and a parent. We’ll take a deep dive look into what you need and work to build a strong and healthy personal and parenting foundation for you to stand on.

Yes, I understand that a lot of people want to skip this phase and just get right to the tips and tricks that will fix the kid who is causing all the problems. Here’s the thing with that. This is what almost every other program out there does. It’s also why so many of them either don’t work or aren’t sustainable for the long haul! In almost every case I’ve worked with, what families need most is not some kind of new-fangled treatment or magic bullet directed at the kids. The key to lasting healing for everyone is to support, train, educate, and heal parents…especially mothers…first.

This foundation phase is not optional. It’s critical to the process…and is also the reason coaching works when so many other programs fail!

Healing Phase: Once we’ve got you as a mom back in a good place yourself, then it’s time to focus on the kids and other relationships. This is where the magic really starts to happen, too. The most powerful and significant healing won’t ever happen by spending an hour a week in a therapist’s office. It happens at home…and it happens through relationships. We’ll take all those parenting tips, tools, and relationship skills you’ve learned over the years and fine tune them so they work for you and the specific situations (and people) in your life.  They don’t just apply to your kids, either. Those same principles and skills also work for marriages, extended family issues, and even with yourself.

Permanency: We want those positive changes you’ve worked so hard to make happen to last a lifetime. That’s what this final phase is about. It’s all about stabilization, getting through the setbacks without ending up back in the trenches, and reclaiming your own light, life, and serenity.

The best part

The best part that everything we do is done under the umbrella of Developmental Trauma and/or special needs parenting. While others may view these things as symptoms of a problem or pieces of the overall puzzle (if they even get it at all), my system considers early childhood trauma exposure and parenting invisible special needs to be the driving force behind everything. This stuff affects every aspect of life, everyone it touches, and also determine how, when, and also if anything happens.

This is the structure and framework on which everything we do together is built. I have a full and complet understanding of how deep trauma runs and how profoundly it affects and changes the whole family. I also understand the limitations they place on you as a parent and the strain the put on your relationships.

I am 100% committed to serving you and supporting you in a safe, judgement-free zone as well. Heaven knows we all get enough of that from everywhere else! No explaination is needed. I purposely keep my client load small so I can dedicate my full attention and energy to you.

As we work through each step together, in the right order, you will gain exactly what you need to climb out of the dark trenches of chaos, find hope and healing for yourself, and inspire your family to follow you. 

“My outlook on parenting through the future and on life overall has shifted drastically. I have found myself and I am able to know some confidence in our future. Like every parent, there are still plenty of hard days that end with the question of whether I made the right choices, there is still the exhaustion sometimes too. What I’ve dropped from my parenting is the questioning of myself about whether I am capable, whether It is possible for me to guide my children to a satisfying adulthood. I don’t miss those questions.”

-Carissa M.

“My experience with Diana helped me to gain the tools and resources I needed to feel like I could get back up on my feet. She helps me see that it’s worth it to keep trying. Beyond that, I’ve tried therapy before. While it works for a few things, therapy couldn’t provide me with a self-paced plan of action that targeted my core belief systems. As a writer, I use the Hero’s Journey writing model all the time. It states that a hero must meet with a mentor in order to learn and become the best hero they can be. I see coaching in this perspective. Diana is my mentor in becoming the best version of myself.”

–Kirsten E.

“I am now able to understand why two adults who both experienced extreme trauma during childhood can go in circles, hour after hour, disagreeing and yelling at each other.  As Diana helped me understand, the wiring in the brain is NOT normal when trauma is experienced by children; especially if the child is younger than 4 or 5 years old when the adverse situation happens.”

–Sara A.

A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones!

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