Parent Coaching Changes Families!

What if you could…

  Reclaim peace, joy, freedom, and hope in your life?

  Significantly reduce toxic stress, anger, burnout, and overwhelm?

  Rediscover who YOU really are?

  Learn and apply proven skills to help your child heal?

  Repair and rebuild important relationships in your life?

  Experience functional, happy family life again?

  Gain clarity on why your hurt child does what they do?

  Understand why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working?

  Build a “storm-proof” personal and parenting foundation?

  Actually like the people you live with again?

If any of those things sound like what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place!

Parent coaching helps the entire family heal!

There is a big myth out there that says if we focus on the needs of the struggling kids first, all the problems will go away. Though it may seem logical to treat their stuff first, very little of what actually works with hurt kids has anything to do with logic. Their brains have literally been changed by the things they endured. They don’t think the same way we do. They don’t see the world the same way we do, and they don’t process information the same way we do.

What our children really need is a strong, emotionally healthy, well-trained parent, especially mom, who understands how they operate, knows how to enforce boundaries (including physical and emotional safety for everyone), takes care of herself first, and is able to recognize and meet her child’s needs…including the ones that are communicated through behavior.

True healing happens through relationships and connection. It’s pretty tough to build those relationships or effectively parent high-needs kids if you are exhausted, burned out, angry, or apathetic yourself. The flip side is healing is contagious! The best way to help a child heal is to help their mom do it first. Once we as moms lead the way and show others how to do it through example, they will naturally be inclinced to follow!

A positive change in parents naturally brings positive changes in children, including the challenging ones!

Parents need specialized support and training.

It is critical for parents of children who struggle with intense emotional and behavior challenges to have the right support for themselves, the right information, the right parenting tools, and the right skills to meet the needs of their child. Run of the mill won’t do. What we’re dealing with isn’t normal.  What might work for other “normal” situations won’t work for us.

Special kids need special parenting!  We parents also need specialized support, skills, and training. There are many voices and resources and programs out there now that focus on meeting the needs of our kids. However, there are precious few that even consider, let alone address our needs as parents.  This is crazy to me! It’s also completely backwards! It is, however, why many of those programs out there don’t work, especially for the long haul! Healing begins for everyone in the family when we support and help the parents first!

Through years of experience both in living this my and helping numerous other families through the process of healing, I have developed a structured process to help you gain the tools, skills, information, and support you need in order things around in your home as quickly as possible. This step-by-step system is designed to support, strengthen, and train you, the parent, as you move through the process of helping yourself and your family find hope, healing, and peace. It’s not a rigid curriculum, but rather a guide to keep you focused, moving forward, and able to connect all the pieces in their proper order. 

As we work through each step together, in the right order, you will gain exactly what you need to climb out of the dark trenches of chaos, find hope and healing for yourself, and inspire your family to follow you. 

Here’s the best part…

Everything we do is done under the umbrella of Developmental Trauma and/or special needs parenting! While others may consider the behaviors and chaos stemming from trauma as “symptoms” or just a piece of the puzzle (if they even get it at all), I don’t. They are the driving force behind everything. These behavior issues affect every member of the family, every aspect of life, and they also determine how, when, or if anything happens. I also understand the limitations they place on you as a parent and the strain they put on your relationships.

I am 100% committed to serving you and supporting you in a safe, judgment-free zone as well. Heaven knows we all get enough of that from everywhere else! I get it completely. There is also very little I haven’t heard or seen, either, so no explanation is needed.

I purposely keep my client load small so I can dedicate my full attention and energy to you. If parent coaching feels like it might be the next right step for you, I invite you to apply for a FREE Parent Empowerment Session with me. We’ll take a look at where you’re at, where you want to be, and how I might be able to help you and your family turn things around and create an entirely new experience and new ways of functioning and interacting.

“My outlook on parenting through the future and on life overall has shifted drastically. I have found myself and I am able to know some confidence in our future. Like every parent, there are still plenty of hard days that end with the question of whether I made the right choices, there is still the exhaustion sometimes too. What I’ve dropped from my parenting is the questioning of myself about whether I am capable, whether It is possible for me to guide my children to a satisfying adulthood. I don’t miss those questions.”

-Carissa M.

“I have found myself and like a small sprig of a plant, I nourish myself so that I can continue to grow. I am rediscovering who I am, what my values are, and how to live in this life of craziness and make it work so we all can grow and thrive.

–Laura S.

“My experience with Diana helped me to gain the tools and resources I needed to feel like I could get back up on my feet. She helps me see that it’s worth it to keep trying. Beyond that, I’ve tried therapy before. While it works for a few things, therapy couldn’t provide me with a self-paced plan of action that targeted my core belief systems. As a writer, I use the Hero’s Journey writing model all the time. It states that a hero must meet with a mentor in order to learn and become the best hero they can be. I see coaching in this perspective. Diana is my mentor in becoming the best version of myself.”

–Kirsten E.

“I am now able to understand why two adults who both experienced extreme trauma during childhood can go in circles, hour after hour, disagreeing and yelling at each other.  As Diana helped me understand, the wiring in the brain is NOT normal when trauma is experienced by children; especially if the child is younger than 4 or 5 years old when the adverse situation happens.”

–Sara A.

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