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What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching offers help, support, mentoring, and education to moms of children affected by reactive attachment disorder and other behavior problems associated with early childhood traumaParent coaching is not a treatment program, but rather a partnership of mentoring and discovery that empowers you, the mom, with the right tools, skills, information, and support you need to successfully parent some of the toughest kids on the planet and help your entire family heal in the process.

I work exclusively with mothers of children who struggle with intense emotional and behavior problems caused by adverse childhood experiences, or ACEsMany of their kids suffer from severe mental health disorders such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Complex PTSD, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, and other conditions associated with early childhood trauma (aka developmental trauma.)

Parent coaching can help you:

  • Significantly reduce toxic stress, burnout, and overwhelm
  • Gain clarity and insight needed for critical decision making and progress
  • Work through your own feelings of grief, loss, and resentment
  • Understand and practice positive and healthy coping skills
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries across the board
  • Learn and apply proven tools and skills to reduce chaos and help the family heal.
  • Repair and restore important key relationships in your life
  • Rediscover who YOU are
  • Identify and correct ways in which you may inadvertently be contributing to the chaos
  • Create and implement a safety plan that works for everyone in the family
  • Reclaim your place as a parent and leader in your family


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Healing Starts with Mom!

There is a big myth out there that says if we focus on the needs of our struggling child first, all the problems will go away. This simply isn’t true. Though it may seem logical to treat the kids and their stuff first, very little of what actually works with traumatized or drug/alcohol-exposed children has anything to do with logic.

Trauma exposure impairs the brain and changes the way kids think, feel, engage with other people, and process information.  Most of them don’t understand there is anything wrong with them. In their mind, they are the ones who are fine and everyone else around them is crazy. They also have no idea why they are the ones being singled out or need to change!

As you’ve likely noticed, typical parenting tools and even many things heralded as “therapeutic interventions” don’t work…and can, in fact, make things much worse.  

What our children need most is a strong, emotionally healthy, well-trained mom who understands how they operate, knows how to enforce boundaries (including physical and emotional safety for everyone), has good relationship skills, takes care of herself first, and is able to recognize and meet her child’s needs, including the ones that are only communicated through behavior. Parent coaching can help you make that happen!

Parent Coaching Meets Mom’s Needs First

There are many resources and programs out there now that focus on meeting the needs of foster and adopted kids who had a rough start in life and experienced significant adverse childhood experiences. However, there are precious few that even consider our needs as parents.

This is crazy to me! It’s also completely backward and the exact opposite of what actually works. Until we get Mom back on her feet and out of the stranglehold of trauma and burnout, there isn’t much that will work with the kids.

Healing Happens When Mom Leads the Way

True healing doesn’t happen by sitting in a therapist’s office for an hour a week. It happens at home and it happens through relationships and connection. It’s pretty tough to build those types of healing relationships or effectively parent a high-needs child who resists or defies you at every turn if you are exhausted, burned out, angry, or apathetic yourself.

Parent coaching is all about turning those things around.  and gaining the tools and skills I just talked about. I work primarily on supporting, strengthening, and training you, the parent, as you move through the process of helping yourself and your family find hope, healing, and peace. By far the best way to help a child heal is to help their mom do it first!

I’ve Walked This Road

As a parent of severely traumatized children myself, I’ve been in some very dark, scary, and mega-stressful places with my kids and family life. I get this life and I understand the complexities and realities that come with it. I also know what it takes for children, parents, and families in situations like ours to leave the trenches of chaos and heal. 

The steps I guide you through in the coaching process are the exact steps I used to climb out of my own dark abyss. They are the same steps I’ve used for more than a decade to help other parents find their way out and restore peace and light in their lives. 

I love helping moms of extremely challenging kids climb out of chaos, restore peace and hope, and gain the tools and skills needed to do their job! The process isn’t always easy and it does require commitment, hard work, and investment. But it also WORKS!

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“My outlook on parenting through the future and on life overall has shifted drastically. I have found myself and I am able to know some confidence in our future. Like every parent, there are still plenty of hard days that end with the question of whether I made the right choices, there is still the exhaustion sometimes too. What I’ve dropped from my parenting is the questioning of myself about whether I am capable, whether It is possible for me to guide my children to a satisfying adulthood. I don’t miss those questions.”

-Carissa M.

“My experience with Diana helped me to gain the tools and resources I needed to feel like I could get back up on my feet. She helps me see that it’s worth it to keep trying. Beyond that, I’ve tried therapy before. While it works for a few things, therapy couldn’t provide me with a self-paced plan of action that targeted my core belief systems. As a writer, I use the Hero’s Journey writing model all the time. It states that a hero must meet with a mentor in order to learn and become the best hero they can be. I see coaching in this perspective. Diana is my mentor in becoming the best version of myself.”

–Kirsten E.

“I am now able to understand why two adults who both experienced extreme trauma during childhood can go in circles, hour after hour, disagreeing and yelling at each other.  As Diana helped me understand, the wiring in the brain is NOT normal when trauma is experienced by children; especially if the child is younger than 4 or 5 years old when the adverse situation happens.”

–Sara A.

Parent Coaching
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