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“Your desire to change must be stronger than your fear and greater than your desire to remain the same.”

Foundation Builder Package

This 4 month 1:1 package is great for getting started in the coaching process. Service includes up to 16 weekly sessions (60 minutes) plus some special bonuses. We will begin our coaching relationship by spending approximately 3-4 weeks working on some specific “Urgent Care” concepts and skills designed to start calming the storm and turning things around in your home. The remaining 12-13 weeks are focused on identifying and meeting parent needs, parent empowerment, and removing roadblocks.

Relationship Rescue Package

This is a mid-level 8 month 1:1 coaching package. Service includes 4 months Foundation Builder work plus an additional 4 months focused on attachment, rebuilding and repairing relationships, and creating a toolbox full of specific therapeutic parenting strategies and skills that work for your child and your situation.  Service includes up to 28 weekly/bi-weekly sessions (60 minutes) plus some special client-only bonuses.  

Total Transformation Package

Anything is possible when you put yourself into a structure of support, accountability, and healing for this length of time. This 1 year (12 month) 1:1 package includes all Foundation Building and Relationship Rescue services plus an additional 4 months of bi-weekly sessions focused on stabilization, managing setbacks, and reclaiming your own life. While significant changes can be made in a shorter time frame, making them stick and become permanent takes patience, time,and practice. This package ensures we can make that happen for you.

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