Are you a Courageous Parent?

A Courageous Parent …

 Keeps going even when it’s hard

 Loves fiercely

 Asks for help

 Refuses to sink

 Takes action to move their life and family forward

 Meets their own needs before helping others

 Takes the lead and owns the healing process

 Faces their own fears and insecurities

 Chooses hope and healing

 Actively seeks to reclaim their life, home, family, and sanity

  Is willing to do what it take to leave the trenches of chaos for good

If you’re not a Courageous Parent yet, are you ready to become one?

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The best way to learn what coaching really is and the power it has to transform your life is to experience it for yourself.

What is a Courageous Parent Session?

A Courageous Parent Session is a FREE 90 minute initial consultation designed to help us get to know each other a bit, take a look at your unique situation, and determine how and if parent coaching can help you calm the chaos, restore order, and find healing for yourself and your family.

All sessions are held via video conference (preferred) or phone.

A truely Courageous Parent takes the first step.

I understand how scary it is to land on a website like this, feel a surge of hope, like what I see, and still be terrified to take that next step. I get all the “what if’s” that start to spin. I get all the million reasons “why not” that suddenly come up. I get the sheer terror of putting yourself out there, reaching out for help, and praying with everything you’ve got that this time might be different…or something might work.  I get all of it because I’ve been there myself. 

I also get that nothing changes if nothing changes. That first step in a new direction is always the scariest one to take. Finding the courage to do it is where the transformation begins, though. Are you ready for something different? Are you ready to find peace

It’s just a click. It’s just an appointment. If what I’m offering works for you, wonderful! If it doesn’t, I’ll help point you in another direction.  

Why not give it a try?

You have nothing to lose…but may have everything to gain.

“I feel the work I did with Diana was priceless. She was incredibly positive and encouraging, and at the same time she was able to point out the hard things standing in my way that I didn’t want to see. This process has shifted the way I see myself and my children entirely. I had needed to believe that I AM capable and that my children ARE on that path towards a satisfying adulthood. Has it been entirely comfortable to get here, no way. Has it been entirely worth it? The answer I see every day in my children’s eyes and in my own eyes looking in the mirror. Thanks Diana!”

-Carissa M.

“I would tell anyone who is considering working with Diana the famous Nike slogan… “Just do it!” You will feel a lot better and gain the power to be your best self and the best parent you can be.”

 -Kirsten E.

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